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Late night

im layin on my bed. its 5 minutes 2 midnight. the lihts are still on, the tv is on playing some comercial with pretty girls that ill never be like with perfect skin that ill never have and skinny legs that i can only dream of. Somtimes i wish i was in a movie so in the end i get the perfect guy and a perfect kiss and some amazingly beautiful perfect moment. But my movie plays 2 long, takes 2 many turns and when it seems 2 end it plays into another chapter. Pain, happyness, sadness, jelousy, rape, betrayl, missunderstandings and being alone. like a song with no tune or a poem without rhyme. a movie without film or a day without light. lie kthe ocean waves crashing with ups and downs, highs and lows, warm nad cold, always changings but staying the same, it never really ends.

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